Adot is a charity organisation that highlights, informs and engages with some of the most pressing issues and discussions of today. Our community make global challenges personal and identify with each other irrespective of gender, colour or race. A space is for Discovery, Connection & Action. 



Our icon “the dot against the canvas” is a simple notion. 
The dot represents the difference we choose to look past. 
It is the separation that materialises between people, religions, nations and lands.
It is the disconnect rooted in the global challenges we face.  
We are a constant effort to empower the humanistic and compelling character traits we posses to focus on the similarity that exist between us all.
We are the understanding that to move forward globally we must grow united.



Adot has never been defined by one cause. It is an idea, an attitude and understanding that pertains to the wellbeing of humanity. 
You choose what impact you want to make on the world. All profits of the purchase will go to your charity of choice at point of purchase.



At Adot we believe that we each have a responsibility to protect the planet and engage in conscious consuming. All our garments are made from certified organic cotton, eliminating the use of dangerous pesticides and chemicals that harm both the people who harvest it and the earth itself. Our products all come wrapped in bio-degradable bags made from potato starch and our paper packaging is all made from only recycled materials.