Homeless Pack
Homeless Pack

Homeless Pack

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We've teamed up with Gift to create an essential care package for homeless people during their time of need. When purchasing the pack, you have the option to donate it for Adot to distribute to a Homeless Shelter, or you can have the pack delivered to you, to give out yourself. All proceeds will go directly to Gift Charity to support this project.

Gift volunteers have prepared the packs to each contain*:

- Beanie hat

- Socks

- Protein Bar

- Toothbrush + Toothpaste 

*Items may vary slightly from the image above.

*Food/any perishables cannot be shipped outside of the UK and will be substituted.

Upon ordering your pack, please choose between:

  • Adot Distribution - We will deliver the pack on behalf of the customer to a homeless person via one of our local partner organisation. 
  • Personal Distribution - We will deliver the homeless pack to you directly. 



Gift's aim is to develop a giving mindset and lifestyle through volunteering and education that create opportunities to enable and support those in need.

To see more about Gift, visit their website below.